UNDERGROUND - ALLEN & FILIX REVIEW : Digital Traffik’s Limited off shoot label serves up a second firing release now. This one comes from a pair of producers who have often related on the label and here once again then serve up the goods in the form of two top house cuts. Fulsome and groove driven, they prove the Italian pair have tons of ideas and plenty of skills to carry them off. Like Me is up first and is a skipping, garage influenced number with frazzled, drilling bass driving down low. There are some big airy hi hat ringlets and subtle cow bells all peppering the groove and it makes for something fresh and physical as well as warm and authentic. Dusty Palace then sinks into a much lower, deeper groove where soul infused synths and muttered vocals make you feel warm and cosy. It is hypnotic and really casts a spell on your soul and rounds out another great EP.

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