IBIZA-VOICE MAG - FLAIR + MEMENTO REVIEW : Deep house comes in for a lot of stick, but when it is done properly it is hard to beat. Two such tracks are what are on offer here, on a new EP from the long running Digital Traffik label. Behind them are two top producers in Italian based German Alex Henning and Malatoid, a label boss and studio and club star with real chops. The pick here has to be Alex Henning’s Memento. The key feature is about half way through when a big, lush and sexual sax solo comes in and flutters above the beats. Paired with some great piano keys and rolling rubber house beats, it really gets under your skin and permits your soul with a real sense of emotion. It’s a modern classic in the making. On the flip, Flair from Malatoid is a loopier affair that really hypnotises you and gets you moving to the groove. It is well produced and atmospheric and rounds out a good two track EP.

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