It’s safe to say you’ve taken a holistic approach to expanding your influence in dance music over the past two decades as a DJ, producer, label head of Digital Traffik, among others, and studio owner of AudioHell Department. How have you been able to effectively take on so many roles in this industry? Being part of the world electronics industry is a difficult path and requires many skills. Being the holder of several record labels includes having contracts with the best distributions, a partnership with the best printing company, to be editor and much more. But the most important thing is to create a motivated team that represents you and your ideas. The same applies to manage the booking agency and for recording studio. I studied sound engineering and I always tried to learn from those who are more skilled than me … The key word is commitment, devotion, study. Regarding instead my DJ profession, I played with the name “Jimithesun” from 1998 until 2012, the year of my last season at Space Ibiza. Now I’m back with a new identity and a new project: AudioHell. And also here it takes same : patience, hard work and application…..


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