Digital Traffik is back with its third vinyl release of 2016. This last vinyl of this year is completing the series dedicated of the “10 years label birthday ” celebration. Also on this Ep four new artists are on board : Marco Effe, Alexandar Ivkovic, Neverdogs and CLiVe.‘Weird Tales’ is the Marco Effe track, an incredible artist of Digital Traffik family and founder of his own “Impress” party on Watergate Berlin. Kick and bass lines are big, the melodies are infectious and techno just keeps on giving… simply amazing! Alexandar Ivkovic presents ‘NBDG’ : in this track merge is signature techno-detroit sound into something that still contains stacks of class and character.Neverdogs directly from Music On World Tour returns in Digital Traffik family after two years. Throughout their track “State Of Blind” there is a sense of tension that is created through the eerie pads and synths combining to create different rhythms to keep the listener on their toes. “Mambo Cafè” is the last track of this vinyl and is composed by the A&R of Digital Traffik...


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