The idea beyond AudioHell Department is create a studio environment that seems to come
out of the closet as the best dress you can wear. “Idea” is the key word of this project based
on good taste where no design or construction choices has been left to chance.
The fusion between electronic music with classic and contemporary art is express in a unique
structure that, just like on a musical score, it harmonizes all parts together to reach
an artistic free and balanced order by bounding furniture, analog synth, sounds compressors.

Like the painter paints the canvas giving it life, here life is given to electronic music,
produced strictly through analog synth. Sounds reproduction is one of the most
complicated and subjective sciences in the world, it is discussed even before Pythagoras,
and it will always be the first focus on the Department.

The desire to rediscover a live and vivid sound, warm and loyalty unsurpassed is the basis
of this analogue structure, that associate not only recording studios but also rooms,
offices and a large living peaceful space for artists.
Also vineyards, nature and Alps mountain range, that frame this stunning mansion,
contribute to shape the perfect habitat for a free music inspiration.

AudioHell Department is a visionary idea created by musician, dj and label manager
Jimi (aka AudioHell, aka JimiTheSun), with these words he describes his creature:
“ I always looked at the techno music as a piece of art at the highest level . Marry and merge it
with the colors and forms of classical and contemporary art has been a shift due to me.
This is dream that I made come true in this property is just for the sake of being right with myself”

Studio Equipment :
Roland SPD-S / Roland MC-909 / Roland 808 / Roland TR505 / Roland TR-8 /
Korg Synthesizer MS-20 / MOOG Synthesizer Sub Phatty / Akai Controller APC40 /
Ableton Akai Controller Push / Elektron Analogue FOUR / Elektron Analog RYTM / CME Keyboard UF50 /

PreSonus Monitor Station / Motu MK3 / MiniMon / M-Audio 410 / B.Tube Ultragain (double) / B.Tube
Ultra-G / Manley Mu T-Bar / AudioScope / Doepfer Dark Time / Sontronics
Microphone Speakers : KRK V8 (Double) / KRK Rokit8 (Double) / B.Thrut B2030A (Double).
Production Softwares in use : Ableton / Logic / Pro Tools