A Department rises up surrounded by romantic and timeless hills of Friuli, among the best
Italian wine producer vineyards, in a very incredible position immersed in woods
and vineyards 50 min far from Venice, 40 min from Austria and 20 from Slovenia.
These unique background full of peace and culture has inspired great protagonists of Italian
art scene and poetry and It has been one of the historical Italian landmark during World War II.

The ancient structure that host recording studio comes from the end of 19th century,
made up by 350 m2 and 1500 m2 vinery and during ancient time It included sheds, barn and
accommodation for the labourers who worked in the fields.
In 2010 this mansion has been carefully renovate with a refined stiles balance
that mixes ancient tradition and contemporary taste.

A special attention has been given to sustainability that makes this structure a whole ecologic
units powered by solar energy. In 2013 restoration works has been totally completed and
during the following two years record analog studio and art gallery take shape
in an unavoidable and essential union. The amazing location has been chosen rely on this
simple/complex relation between art and music.
Every simple project is a special and unique complexity summary.

Every living solution has been chosen not to cloud but to appraise canvas and sculptures
and it is composed by a chill area, brunch zone and guest rooms.
Purist and minimal interior design hold a sophisticated sense of balance between styles and ages,
rich of 70’s heritage and absolutely trends and cultures cross genre.

The whiteness of Venetian plaster is imposed on all the walls in a purely
Italian tradition that refines the aesthetic sense of the host.

The unity of the project is given by continuous but not unrelated taste shifts :
soft - metal , classic- contemporary , natural and artificial.

This desired style differences arises between intimacy and inspiration and establishes
the precious balance that rules the whole house in a sort of art collage out of time.