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(Desolat, Bitten, Times Has Changed, WeTraffik Music Group)
Alexandar Ivkovic is Belgrade based DJ/Producer. He started his profesional career as a DJ in 2002. In 2004 he joined a renowned serbian techno organization called "Tehika 8x8". Working hard on his skills and production he managed to be a part of big music festivals and parties, working side by side with big names of electronic music scene. In the past years, he has shifted complete focus to music production and has released on Loco Dice's label Desolat, Bitten, Serkal,Transmit, Time Has Changed, Sanity... All releases being support by the biggest names in the industry including but not limiting to Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Umek, Richie Hawtin, Mathias Tanzman, Guti, Anja Schneider... Alexandar says that techno is essence of his music. Punchy and groovy beats, additional vocals,dynamism and energy in tracks makes the perfect combination that can let people feel the music. Harmonic combinations of techno and house music is his trademark.


(Get Physical, 8bit, Suara, WeTraffik Music Group)

Since the late 90's this legendary italian DJ is an eclectic artist that held various roles during his long career. He is founder of several record labels (Digital Traffik, the most famous), radio speaker at Ibiza Global Radio, owner of an important recording studio (AudioHell Department) and manager of important events in Italy and abroad (IUM Ibiza Underground Movement - his latest world tour). Jimi has always been a musician in love and addicted to music, found of art and surrounded by poetic attitude (he is an art collector as well), he also works as a producer under different nicknames like "AudioHell" and "Audiosun" in labels like 8BIT, Snatch!, Monza Ibiza and more). Jimi has played in the best Clubs around the World since 1998 with regular dj-sets in Tresor Berlin, Movida London, Mazoom Le Plaisir, Space Ibiza (he mixed 2 official compilations with this label) and in the most important world’s tours around Arabia, Europe, Asia and USA. He started his professional career with his nickname "Jimithesun" in 1998 around Slovenia and Eastern Europe, where played in different clubs like Ambasada Gavioli, Lipa, Bellevue and he took part in the most important festivals like Valkana Beach. In 2002 he was hired as resident DJ by Cafè l’Atlantique, one of the best club in Milan. From 2003 Jimi has managed and directed some of the best after parties along the north of the country like DNA Club, Florida, Trinity and DoNotDisturb with Mazoom. Thanks to the great influence of these events he has become quickly one of the most respected djs of the Italian underground music scene, and in 2004 he inaugurated his annuals tour in the best clubs of the South of Brasil, where he is praised as pioneer of electronic music. In 2005, his first CD album release "House Terrace" on Smilax Publishing and his first vinyl "Flying Trees" on Kebosh Rec, Jimi founded his own record label: Digital Traffik, which becomes a real focus for all underground music scene. In 2006, Jimi performed at Mint Club for WMC Miami and worked as resident dj at Space Ibiza for the "Day Off by Zenith" who with he mixed the official CD compilation : "Zenith - Live in Space Ibiza”, a big success all over the world. In 2007/08, after Zenith Space World Tour, Jimi started to perform monthly at Movida Club in London with Dj V and his Digital Traffik showcase. In 2009 after his London experience, he started an another important collaboration with Tresor Berlin as regulary guest DJ and exclusive brand promoter for Italy for 3 years. During these years Digital Traffik produced various vinyls and also showcases-CDS : "Movida London - Digital Traffik Showcase", "We believe in House Musik - Berfi's Club", "The underground sound of Milan by Jimithesun - Double CD". After 4 years in 2010 Jimithesun came back at Space Ibiza as DJ resident for "Cafe Ole" with Komitee crew. In 2011 he has been a resident dj as well for Space Ibiza and Komitee, for which he mixed an other Space official CD release. In 2012, after Komitee Space world tour, Jimi started to present his own incredible radioshow on Ibiza Global Radio every sunday : "Keeping Underground Alive" which included Digital Traffik artists podcast with several reviews on promos and events. In 2012 Jimithesun has designed its new tour "IUM - Ibiza Underground Movement ", a traveling party that is still going on around the world with more and more important residences (Pacha Ibiza, Factory Milan ...) Today Jimi is dealing in different sectors: IUM world tour, record label management and ,most important, he is moving towards his new "AUDIOHELL DEPARTMENT" near Venice. He is also working on different record productions. Latest his new releases on 8BIT, Snatch!, Digital Traffik, Suara with his friends Jose De Divina and Tania Vulcano.






(Desolat, Suara, InMotion, WeTraffik Music Group)

Uncompromising, unique, and completely unimpressed by fads and fashion: the fresh and multi-facetted sound of Basti Grub´s productions resonates innovation based on curiosity and an open-minded approach to music, life, everything – and beyond! Whether it´s lengthy, introverted and relaxed piano passages, or the novelty sound of the hang instrument, animal samples from the country side, exotic drums, interesting use of voices and song structures, or just plain fat tech house sound, Grub, who was born in Frankfurt, makes it unpredictable what´s next, and never limits himself by thinking in conventional terms. From a very early age onwards, it became clear that Basti´s fascination with music would take centre stage in his life. The roots: reggae music, a Roland MC 303, turntables, and life-changing trips to Omen, Stammheim, U60311, and Robert Jonson which would lay the foundation to Grub´s concept of club-orientated sound. It was just a question of time until the Frankfurter started to promote his own events, and his regular work as club DJ would serve him as a solid base in the studio. Crucial in his innocent, self-centered search was his essential quest to find the perfect drums, a benchmark sound which was omnipresent in Grubs productions from the very beginnings. It was down to his friend Brian Sanhaji that the results of Basti´s experiments saw the day of light, and by being supported by his mentor, Basti was able to to find his own sound: a fluid and thought-through mixture of grooving minimal techno and African vocals, swing, ethnic sounds, and the typical Grub-esque drums, his trademarks-to-be, making up the core of his essence. Not ready to compromise in any way, Basti soon felt the necessity to call into life his own imprint as his sound would stand out in the way-toohomogeneous club landscape dominated by normative music. Thought as an outlet for Grub´s own productions, Höhenregler, founded in 2008 and dedicated to playful Africa sounds, was swiftly followed up by the sub label Geregelt, a tribute to swing music combined with dub sounds. Both labels were picked up by the Discomania distribution after a few releases, which instantly resulted in growing recognition. Not only Basti was getting well-known around the globe, his tracks also got picked up by acclaimed artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, and Luciano as well as other top players. This was the definite turning point in Grub´s career. Merkesdir, founded in 2008, would add on to the spectrum, giving path to the floor-orientated "jungle house party" sound. In 2009, Grub celebrates another huge breakthrough moment with one of his tracks on Matthew Dear´s "Bodylanguage Vol. 7" mix album, and him releasing his first album "Dschungelorchester", a true pinnacle. His debut, released twice in two different versions, is ram-packed with those varied and crazy tracks full of humor and exuberance Grub is so famous for, and becomes an instant success. Another highlight: the club bomb "Sick", which promptly got picked up and compiled by Sven Väth on his "Sound of The 11th Season". His labels´ rosters would set the pace and its restless outputs would soon mark a tendency. Remixes for the Italoboys, The Glitz, Aldo Cadiz and many more go down really well on the dancefloor as they made a real difference with their wild- and recklessness, and his sound got noticed and signed up to labels as well-known as Desolat, Cocoon, Compost , Cr2 records , Movida, Get Physical, International Freakshow, Style Rockets, and many more, which soon resulted in even more EPs. Then, in November 2011, he got joined by the mysterious studio force Basti And The Gang for the second time, and releases another, even more successful EP on Desolat Records, a massive record whose A-side "Walking In My Blues" turned out to become a huge hit while the flip broke even more boundaries and introduced the mystical sounds of the new hang instrument to the electronic music scene. It seemed like Grub found his perfect form of expression.






(Deeperfect, King Street, Lapsus Music, Traum Schallplatten, WeTraffik Music Group)
CLiVe is an Italian artist (from Brescia near Milan).The first approach to the vinyl and the drawer goes back to his 14 years in a garage where he began to cultivate the art of the mix. The first performances take place at private parties and minor premises up to 1993, which landed in the first real club near his home called Kaleido / Cinema. He collects many experience and consensus and sends the first demo to labels hometown. In '94 the first vinyl record with the label Dj Movement (Pieradis Rossini label).For three years CLiVe working with this label and then move his choice and his demo production toward an underground world of music and he start to work with another label: Oxyd Records..In ’94 CLiVe debut as residence dj in 2 little local club. After this experience make it for many years in ’99 CLiVe start with local prestige among which Mazoom / Le Plaisir and Alter Ego with the occasional appearance in local off Italy as in Finland, Switzerland. CLiVe, Has always stood out for the versatility of the DJ set evidently influenced by his desire to expand the musical culture trying to study music too old. Not only that, around the same He study piano and makes' a radio program (a local station) on Saturday; a completely underground radio program.In 2005 arrive the Record collaboration group consecration with two international hits ..Rum & Cocaina by Ritch & Bitch and Shining Star by Get Far : both song under original composer. He created and mixed with other dj a compilations line of the club called White Trash compilation (Le Plaisir) for 11 years. In addition to this is the creator along with Walter S (Italian DJ well known) as composer and author for the backing tracks used in fashion shows by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli in Just Cavalli line. Over the years it plays an important role in the organization of the Pride label records and Mazoom Lab ..the label born from mazoom le plaisir clubs group until 2013 and he is also resident dj too the club.Then come along to other friends and so many manufacturers some productions with luck in the world charts always underground scene ...It ends collaboration with Mazoom club that has lasted 14 years He creates a line of labels (which manages and distributes 12) for new friends and talented young artists. CLiVe during his work about the 2005 meet AudioHell with the project Digital Traffik. They make a collaboration that continues for 7/8 years. In 2016 CLiVe is the new A & R of Digital Traffik . Meanwhile his music is distributed by various and important labels worldwide (Deeperfect, King Street, Smiley Fingers, Traum, Kinetika, Lapsus, and of course Digital Traffik.In his career as a DJ being the resident of one of the most historic clubs in Italy has played with all international techno dj house is only a few ,, (Frankie Knuckles, roger sanchez, Dennis Ferrer, ralf, tama sumo, ellen allien, magda , martini, alex neri, lenny fontana, timo maas, leon, jamie jones, martinez brothers, tania vulcano, jose de divina system of survival, and many many others ... all the dj's ..An experience in Ibiza marked his first time on the isla own in a Digital Traffik ShowCase in 2011. So many appearances on local Northern Italy as well as Cocoricò and other important clubs complete his background of premises in which he made his experience.Today, CLiVe in addition to working with many record labels mentioned above he has had awards of various industry magazines such as DJ Mag, Ibiza Voice, Inhouseu, and others. Now the new programming schedule of Digital Traffik following with his friend AudioHell will have within it a number of well-known names such as, Marco Effe, Neverdogs, Ivkovic, Supernova, Doomwork, Basti Grub and many more surprises but not because he believes that the names are making a difference but only because these names are synonymous with quality music.


(Get Physical Music, WeTraffik Music Group)
From the early days in her native Montenegro and Russia, ILona immersed herself in the exciting world of dancing and music. Having studied in Greece at the age of 18, ILona was introduced to all sorts of electronic music and soon lead to her travelling to Dubai in 2007 to follow her dreams of working in the events industry. Soon after arriving in the UAE, she was exposed to Dubai’s fledgling music scene that would soon become her home and stomping ground. However, a fruitful move to Switzerland in 2010 started a love affair with electronic music and DJing that would last a lifetime. ILona has always been tinkering with music production; in fact before she picked up a set of headphones in Switzerland she had dipped her toes in to that realm. Following her induction in to the Swiss scene with open arms, ILona was invited to play at the Zurich Street Parade in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. Not wanting to stay too long in any one place and the need to be constantly challenged, ILona finally made the move back to Dubai in 2012 to make her way in the now flourishing dance music scene. It didn’t take her long to find her mark and by 2015 ILona started releasing on Dubai based and Sony endorsed label Bootleg Social Records and racked up a serious amount of guest s lots and residencies in the city of sand. None higher profile than her residency at Café Del Mar Dubai and well received residency at hit techno night Back2Basics. Having amassed an impressive amount of airmiles travelling to the likes of Switzerland,Holland, Croatia, Spain, Russia and of course Dubai, it is safe to say Ilona Maras knows her way around the globe. She has been signed to German mega imprint Get Physical Music. Being in the top charts with most of her productions, and having the great support for her music by many influential artists such as Pete Tong, Andhim, Betoko, James Zabiela, Paco Osuna, Nicole Moudaber, M.A.N.D.Y., Oliver Schories, Reboot, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Tiefschwarz, Noir, Piemont, DJ T, Eelke Klijn, Mihalis Safras to name a few, at such a young age in her career spells nothing but success.


(Ovum, Cocoon Recordings, Get Physical, WeTraffik Music Group)
Italian duo Doomwork have been quietly blazing a trail through the world’s techno and house scenes over the last five years, forming in 2008 and finding rapid success thereafter. Alessandro and Claudio found their first electronic education in the burgeoning scene of their home nation around the turn of the millenium, before looking further afield to the pioneering heritage of the Detroit techno deities. While this and a growing love of Chicago house helped to form their instincts for a meaty groove, a fascination with the vanguard of stadium-sized dance music (Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy) ensured that they became producers with a dash of pop sensibility about them. Not that there’s anything mainstream about their slinky take on deep, melodic house and techno; more that it straddles the divide between accessible and credible perfectly. Their music is emotive and immersive, with bold melodies and riffs locked into rolling rhythms and subtle atmospherics. “Our music is ever- changing” the duo say. “We love to find new feelings from all genres and mix them in our personal point of view to give a depth touch to the tracks.” Just a year after they started producing, they found themselves sitting at the top of the Beatport Chart with the huge Jazzy Stuff, with the biggest players in the scene singing their praises and requests coming in from some of the most acclaimed labels around for productions and remixes. 2010 saw Holland’s 2000 And One begin a relationship with the duo, showcasing several of their tracks on his 100% Pure and Area Remote labels, with Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero doing likewise for their SAW Recordings imprint. 2011 saw Christian Smith’s Tronic and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique snap up hot new Doomwork productions, while their stunning debut album Club Abduction was unleashed to widespread praise in 2012. An appearance on Sven Väth’s Cocoon ‘L’ compilation topped off their most impressive year so far. Outside of the studio, they have largely concentrated on refining their stunning live set, having performed at legendary venues across the world like Barcelona’s Elrow 14, Florence’s Tenax and Tokyo’s Air Club. The dancefloor is not their only focus, however - with a burgeoning volume of work in the soundtrack area for films, computer games and the like now also filling their time. But with a new release on Audiofly’s Supernature imprint and an inclusion on Nick Warren’s latest Renaissance compilation, you can be sure that making people move their feet will be their priority for years to come. Their ambition is simple: “We'd like to be respected artists with a recognisable sound and a great live act show. To be a benchmark in the music world is our goal and to do that would give us great satisfaction.” Given that they’ve achieved most of this already, they should probably set their sights even higher...


(DC10 Circoloco, 8bit, Get Physical, WeTraffik Music Group)

Currently Jose de Divina is focused in his record label and in his performances in the most recognized local in all the world, combining this with their residencies in Ibiza during the summer season. The history of Jose de Divina begins in Mallorca when in 1991 he puts his early records. He soon showed his talent and became an important part of the island's nightlife. But it will be in 1995 when the career of Jose de Divina begin to taking off, when he reaching the terrace of Space Ibiza, and getting a residency position in the cabin that will last over 10 years. This residence makes it skyrocket to international market and combines it with actions on 5 continents. In the white island also remember his performances in the after of Manumission, which were instrumental in its worldwide explosion, and also allowed him to share the booth with DJs most important in the moment as Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo and Masters At Work . At this time also was a member of the team of resident DJs at the party organized at Amnesia Dance Valley and was one of the regular guests at the Pacha cabin. With this launch pad, Divina had the opportunity to perform in some of the best clubs in the world as the Home of London, the neooyorkino Tunnel, the Living Room in Miami, the Queen of Paris or Pacha in Buenos Aires. In this moments he shared cabin with artists of Daft Punk's height in his stage mor Underground. He was also part of the Space Ibiza world tour, visiting such places as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Morocco, Punta del Este, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Australia. In the following years, Jose de Divina has combined his performances around the world with residences in some of the best clubs in Ibiza. They highlight their appearances in the cabin of DC10 every Monday putting sound to one of the best and most successful sessions of the island, Circo Loco and his sessions at Monza, Zoo Proyect or Underground, all of this references music sites on the island and he has shared cabin with some of the most important dj's of the moment as Ricardo Villalobos, Mathias Kaden, Luciano, Dj Sneak o Cassy. All this without forgetting the work done by Jose de Divina in the study. Throughout his career he has worked on productions for important record labels such as BLACK VINYL,PARADISE, FREAK AND CHIC, WALDLIEBE MUSIC or GIMICG. In 2009, following the experience from past project as the seal Stomp Recordings, CLIMATIC SOUND born from the hands of Divina and Javi Murdok that after months of work in the study they embark in this new sonorous experience to form his musical conception. Climatic's approach is simple, to produce house and deep house of quality. After this first year and having worked with artists of the height of Nima Gorji, Jairo Catelo, Mirco Violi, Willie Graff, or Felipe Valenzuela between others, CLIMATIC SOUND is positioned in the electronic national and international scene, receiving innumerable supports and very good feedbacks. In the EP from CLIMATIC, like in the sessions of Jose de Divina, the House music is sliding down styles as diverse as tribal, tech house, deep or funky. Always unconditional to the sound more Underground. In the summer of 2012 Jose de Divina turns into the musical director of the discotheque Pacha Mallorca. For his cabin there happen the most important djs of the world like Tania Vulcano, Kerry Chandler, Tony Humpries or Timo Mass. There os born here is own producer, who creates the Down Town Party, with thw unmistakable stam of "de divina", where the most important thing is the quality and the musical style. The success of the same ones does that on having concluded hos residence in Pacha Mallorca, the Down Town Party develop in diferent locals both in the island and in the peninsula. During the last years he has shared cabin and cartel with the most qupted djs in the internacional market, artist of the height of Kerry Chandler, Sex Troller, The Martínez Brothers, Maceo Plex, Cassy, Ellen Allen, Dubfire...





(Get Physical, Knee Deep In Sound, Deeperfect, WeTraffik Music Group)
With a career spanning more than a decade and a plethora of world-­‐renowned events under his belt, Leonardo Gonnelli is no stranger to the big stage. Having risen through the ranks of the Florentine house scene, Leonardo comes armed with a rich catalogue of musical knowledge, which has gained the attention of the industry’s finest. Leonardo’s DJ career started in Florence in 2001, and was heavily influenced by the acid-­‐house and Detroit techno scenes that stormed the 90s. His dynamic and innovative approach to making music has captured the attention of high profile artists such as Seth Troxler, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones, Adam Bayer, Marco Carola, Sven Vath, Dubfire and many others. As well as gaining a reputation for producing high quality tracks, Leonardo has demonstrated his exceptional talent as a DJ whilst playing at world-­‐wide events from Pacha in Buenos Aires to the legendary Space Miami, hot new underground venue STEAM Miami, Dockyard Festival (ADE) in Amsterdam and of course, Sonar Off Week in Barcelona. In 2014 Leonardo collaborated with Spain’s hottest duo, Chus & Ceballos, to release the original mix of ‘Soledad’ on Stereo Productions and Defected Records. The highly lauded track received support from industry heavy weights including Carl Cox, Solomun, Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Nic Fanciulli, Nicole Moudaber and could be heard pulsating across every dance floor in Ibiza. ‘Soledad’ remained in Beatport’s Tech House Top 100 for six months, and received a nomination for ‘Best Track’ in the Vicious Music Awards 2014. This perfect blend of high-­‐profile events and collaborations is testament to his dedication and enthusiasm, and as the pace increases, it’s clear, this journey is leading straight to the top.

(Cocoon Recordings, SCI+TEC, Cecille, WeTraffik Music Group)
Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco Effe is con¬sid¬ered to be one of the most promis¬ing Ital¬ian tal¬ents. Within an extremely short time span, Marco is rais¬ing up and man¬aged to achieve world¬wide recog¬ni¬tion. This has mainly to do with his remark¬able pro¬duc¬tions, which have found their way into the DJ cases of all inter¬na¬tional global play¬ers. It was the year 2007 when Marco began to com¬pose his own music and imme¬di¬ately felt the grow¬ing desire to pub¬lish his first release. And so he did, “Wet June EP” was released in Novem¬ber 2008. His first out¬put gave him imme¬di¬ate recog¬ni-tion and was a great success! From that moment on this thriv¬ing new¬comer never looked back and Marco used the given oppor¬tu¬nity to improve his busi¬ness rela¬tion¬ships. The final result, he ended up work¬ing together with the estab-lished label Big City Beats (Frank¬furt). Marco’s tal¬ent is finally revealed and his career really gets started. 2010 he does it again, the “Malaysia/Muar EP” (one of his EP’s numer¬ously played by Richie Hawtin in that year) once again made its impact and influ¬enced the entire global club scene. This land¬mark release found its home on Break New Soil, Gre¬gor Tresher’s mar¬velous label. This allowed him to get in touch with Tresher´s book¬ing agency, enabling him to become a mem¬ber of their inter¬na¬tion¬ally star stud¬ded fam¬ily affairs roster. In spring 2010 he returns with a new release on the album “Cécille Italy”. His track is called “Janet” and clearly show¬cases his unmis¬tak¬able House/Tech-House style. His ensu¬ing “From Kalida To Hyden EP”, pub¬lished on Dub¬fire’s bril¬liant label “Sci+Tec” and is an ele¬gant musi¬cal jour-ney into sonority. Marco Effe moved to Berlin in 2011 and a year later he releases “Jel¬lied Eels” on Cocoon’s Dots & Pearls 2” It’s easy to hear why this has been sit¬ting in the sets of Sven Väth and Luciano for some time. Marco Effe is also part of “Raw Verse” a new alias he uses to pro¬duce spe¬cial tracks receiv¬ing recog¬ni¬tion world¬wide. Marco is by now with¬out a doubt a young and extremely ambi¬tious artist, who can already put a check mark behind most of the top rank¬ing events and clubs in Europe, such as the Water¬gate Berlin, Time Warp Italy, Cocoon Club Frank¬furt, Stu¬dio 80 Ams¬ter¬dam, Sankeys Man¬ches¬ter, Harry Klein Munich, and many more. The high-class labels such as Break New Soil, Cécille, Sci+Tec, Tronic, Cocoon Record¬ings are appro¬pri¬ate for all his lat¬est releases. Thanks to his superb tech¬ni¬cal skills, his truly unique DJ sets, his abil¬ity to con¬quer every crowd with his amus¬ing and delight¬ful style, Marco Effe is at the fore¬front of today´s elec¬tronic music scene.

(NONSTOP, Desolat, Drumcode, WeTraffik Music Group)
What Pirupa has accomplished in the last years is astounding and this is just the tip of the iceberg, making him one of the producers and DJs you have to watch. A talented DJ/producer from Italy, Pirupa has recently separated himself from the pack of successful producers by topping beatport's charts with his last releases. Now with two of the most downloaded tracks on Beatport "Sweet Devil" in 2009 , "Get Funky" in 2010 and "Party Non Stop" in 2012, the sky's the limit for this relentless talent from the small peninsula. Signed to impressive (well known) dance record labels in the world (Drumcode, Crosstown Rebels, Desolat, Intec Digital, Get Physical, Defected, Cècille, Viva Music, Saved, Noir Music, Rebirth, Snatch! Records, Suara, Stereo) Pirupa has remixed many great artists likes Sharam and the legendary Jamiroquai for Universal. Pirupa has accomplished this in a short period of time, building a reputation that takes most artists a lifetime to achieve. A feat like this can cause some people to sit back, relax, and acknowledge their own success but this has only caused Pirupa to work harder with new hot releases! His success in the studio led to rank at #11 in the Top100 Most Charted Artists of 2010 on Resident Advisor and has landed Pirupa gigs at some of the most prestigious clubs in the world, gracing the decks of many leading venues and festivals. His "Party Non Stop", first released on Desolat and then on Defected, has been awarded "Track of the Season" at the Ibiza DJ Awards 2012 and has also been the most charted track on Resident Advisor for the whole 2012. In 2015 he launched a brand new label called NONSTOP, representing his love for House and Techno music. After less than a year It’s one of Breaktrough Underground label at Beatport 2015 awards. His DJ sets are a mixture between House and Tech House, with some Deep and Techno vibes, which have brought him to play alongside legends such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Pete Tong, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish , Nic Fanciulli, John Digweed and many more. Pirupa’s tracks are regularly supported and played by Pete Tong, Luciano, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Paul Van Dyk, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Nick Curly, Erick Morillo, Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, James Zabiela and Mark Knight to name a few.

(Lapsus, Noir, Defected, WeTraffik Music Group)
Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent, perhaps best known for their acclaimed and much-discussed collaboration with Kevin Saunderson on 2010’s ‘Beat Me Back’. They achieved their first notable success in 2007 when Sony BMG released their debut album ‘Downtown Underground, which included collaborations from the likes of GrandMaster and Melle Mel). Known for their distinctive DJ style their current set-up comprises live instruments, decks and Ableton to create an ever-evolving musical experience. Supernova have played at some of the most established venues and festivals on the planet, including ElRow (Barcelona), Monegros Desert Festival, Ministry Of Sound (London), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Privilege (Ibiza), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Tenax and Magazzini Generali (Italy), Space (Miami) and many many more. House giant Defected Records has released a number of the duo’s productions including remixes of seminal records ‘Can You Feel It’ and ‘Strings of Life’ as well as the more recent Cassandra and The Light Goes On EPs. Other notable releases outside of the Defected stable include acclaimed remixes for Kerri Chandler on Bar A Thym and Hallelujah for King Street Sounds as well as their top-charted remix on Jakatta’s American Dream and highly respected Electronic Love EP on their own Lapsus Music. Their first major project of 2013 also comes from the Defected stable as they mix one third of the long-running and acclaimed Miami compilation series, along with fellow Italians Flashmob and Pirupa. This will be preceded by another EP on the label entitled The World is Crazy, a two-track EP which flirts with darker, deeper sounds while retaining their trademark dancefloor grooves and hooks. 2013 marks also the 10th anniversary of Supernova with the release of their ‘Best of Supernova’ compilation on their own label Lapsus Music; while looking ahead 2014 will include their brand new single “Come With Me” feat. Natalie Conway due on Defected Records April 21th, their new collaboration with Acid House legend Dj Pierre on Lapsus as well as their third (as yet unsigned) studio album including featuring fro Ann Saunderson and Stee Downes just to name a few.

Crosstown Rebels, Extravaganza, Wetraffik Music Group
Taster Peter’s story moves around his strong passion for music from his early age. He was a student at the Mascagni Music School in Livorno where he had the pleasure to study various classic instruments, from double bass to violin, guitar and drums.
He was a rebel boy, he didn’t feel satisfied from school teachings, and after many years attending that Music Institute he decided to go deeper into drums and percussions, but by himself. After a few months he founded the hardcore band "Tasters" with which he has played for 10 years with countless tours around Europe, also supporting Bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Papa Roach and Terror.
The next step is inevitable, Peter started to attend the best underground techno and hip hop parties in Rome and Florence, falling in love with the electronic music scene, the synthesizers and music skills production. He moved to London for a really intense period of music-related stuff, DJing around and sharing time with a lot of well-named artists in town.
He began to produce his first tracks in the studio garnering immediate support from the likes of Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer, Dubfire, Pan-Pot, Danny Tenaglia and Damian Lazarus.
This attention lead to countless EP’s and remixes for artists like Oliver Koletzki, Umek, Marco Bailey, Florian Meindl and Sasha Carassi, solidifying Taster Peter’s artistic profile in the global electronic music scene.
Today he is proudly part of some of the finest record labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Adam Beyer’s Truesoul label, Upon You, Octopus Recordings, Suara, Traum, Tronic, Harthouse and Toolroom.

(Digital Traffik, Snatch!, Mad Monkey, WeTraffik Music Group)
Allen & Filix are a pair of producers who have worked together to great effect many times before. They hail from Sicily and have put out music on this Digital Traffik label before now, most recently a year ago. This time round they are once again in fine form and offer up two really quite different tracks for different moments on the floor. The pick for me is the flip side, Smoke Drums, which at its heart is a firmly rooted house slammer with rock solid kicks that pull the thing along at an inviting medium pace. Up top are rippling, slithering synths that add a sense of manic mania and will send floors crazy. Well produced and robust, it is a modern house anthem in the making. The flip side joint is Monkey Kiss, which is less intense and more playful. It has claps straight from an 80s Chicago house record. They are clever and busy, whilst the gloopy bass and woodpecker like hook is funky and wriggly and will make people move their ass. Both tracks do plenty of damage and fit into many different sonic settings in the WeTraffik world Tour.

(Digital Traffik, Knarly Knob Records, WeTraffik Music Group)
Knarly Knob encases the electronic identity of Andrea Mariano, already known as the keyboard player of one of the most interesting rock band, leading the Italian musical scenery.K.K. attends the Conservatory, where at he studies piano until he is nineteen years old.Throught out an intense work bound to the band, Knarly Knob carries out important live shows and plenty of record labels, dealing in the eclectic and multiform band’s sound (keyboard, synth, programming, editing). In the meanwhile, he engages his work in the production of soundtrack, soundtrack of short films, sound design and videoclip of fashion show.By this time, Knarly Knob performances with other alias in the most prestigious festivals and Italian clubs like Cocorico, Tenax, Magazzini Generali, ElectroVenice Festival…K.K. shows himself off in an involving and filled mix of electronic music, characterised by strong techno and analog atmospheres totally played live.In 2017 after his first release on Digital Traffik Rec. Knarly Knob joined also on the management of WeTraffik world tour.

(Digital Traffik, Tribalism Boys Records, WeTraffik Music Group)
Tribalism Boys is the union of "Two" friends born in "Two" different nations (Germany/Italy) but with the same passion ... creating music at their own pleasure! Tribalism Boys are young artists with 15 years of experience on this field. More than a decade of experience in the big industry of music. Thanks to their love for music they started working together and with there union, Tribalism Boys was born... An innovative musical project focused on live music, performace and quality... the quality needed, that leads them to be contacted in parties and festivals around the world, by various famous bands for remixes, signing records and projects also with unknown names. Tribalism Boys organize live dj concerts and musical shows performed with exclusive tracks which are produced and mixed by themselfs with the help of their own. Their music goes from deep house to techno music with electronic and tribal influences. Never expected, always attentive to the newest trends that are always in evolution but linked to the old school origins, playing with cd's, vinyl and the use of computers and keyboards..