(Digital Traffik, Snatch!, Mad Monkey, WeTraffik Music Group)
Allen & Filix are a pair of producers who have worked together to great effect many times before. They hail from Sicily and have put out music on this Digital Traffik label before now, most recently a year ago. This time round they are once again in fine form and offer up two really quite different tracks for different moments on the floor. The pick for me is the flip side, Smoke Drums, which at its heart is a firmly rooted house slammer with rock solid kicks that pull the thing along at an inviting medium pace. Up top are rippling, slithering synths that add a sense of manic mania and will send floors crazy. Well produced and robust, it is a modern house anthem in the making. The flip side joint is Monkey Kiss, which is less intense and more playful. It has claps straight from an 80s Chicago house record. They are clever and busy, whilst the gloopy bass and woodpecker like hook is funky and wriggly and will make people move their ass. Both tracks do plenty of damage and fit into many different sonic settings in the WeTraffik world Tour.

(Digital Traffik, Knarly Knob Records, WeTraffik Music Group)
Knarly Knob encases the electronic identity of Andrea Mariano, already known as the keyboard player of one of the most interesting rock band, leading the Italian musical scenery.K.K. attends the Conservatory, where at he studies piano until he is nineteen years old.Throught out an intense work bound to the band, Knarly Knob carries out important live shows and plenty of record labels, dealing in the eclectic and multiform band’s sound (keyboard, synth, programming, editing). In the meanwhile, he engages his work in the production of soundtrack, soundtrack of short films, sound design and videoclip of fashion show.By this time, Knarly Knob performances with other alias in the most prestigious festivals and Italian clubs like Cocorico, Tenax, Magazzini Generali, ElectroVenice Festival…K.K. shows himself off in an involving and filled mix of electronic music, characterised by strong techno and analog atmospheres totally played live.In 2017 after his first release on Digital Traffik Rec. Knarly Knob joined also on the management of WeTraffik world tour.

(Digital Traffik, Tribalism Boys Records, WeTraffik Music Group)
Tribalism Boys is the union of "Two" friends born in "Two" different nations (Germany/Italy) but with the same passion ... creating music at their own pleasure! Tribalism Boys are young artists with 15 years of experience on this field. More than a decade of experience in the big industry of music. Thanks to their love for music they started working together and with there union, Tribalism Boys was born... An innovative musical project focused on live music, performace and quality... the quality needed, that leads them to be contacted in parties and festivals around the world, by various famous bands for remixes, signing records and projects also with unknown names. Tribalism Boys organize live dj concerts and musical shows performed with exclusive tracks which are produced and mixed by themselfs with the help of their own. Their music goes from deep house to techno music with electronic and tribal influences. Never expected, always attentive to the newest trends that are always in evolution but linked to the old school origins, playing with cd's, vinyl and the use of computers and keyboards..
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