Since 2005 : DIGITAL TRAFFIK Recordings


Digital Traffik is created and founded in 2005 by AudioHell (aka Jimithesun). The musical synthesis of Digital Traffik is "House Music" mixed with all the nuances of Electronic, Deep and Techno. Digital Traffik since 2005 regularly releases tracks on vinyl and digital (publishing several Compact Discs), and promotes its music and artists with official showcases in the best clubs all over the World.



Since 2015 : WeTRAFFIK Bookings & Events


We Traffik is Booking and Showcases Agency, created and founded in 2015 by AudioHell & Alex Henning.





A big thanks to all the talented people sending us their promos and unreleased tracks every day, to those joining and supporting our showcases and especially to everybody who, like we.. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MUSIC.